Sustainable printing

with certified premium paper

Paper is not just paper. Especially when it comes to the topic of sustainability. Nowadays, many companies pay close attention to their carbon footprint. But when it comes to their own printouts, they often prefer to use “normal paper”, because an official offer for a customer or a letter to a business partner on recycled paper simply does not meet their own standards in terms of appearance. But is that even possible – climate-neutral AND high-quality paper? We say YES!

With our partner Canon we offer you an absolute premium paper that has all the characteristics for the best printing results and on top of that is absolutely climate neutral – with distinction! Below we summarise the advantages and all certifications for this special paper.

Excellent! Sustainable premium paper:

Physical characterisitcs:

Product description:


80g/m² – ISO 536


107 µm – ISO 534


162 CIE


93 % – Elrepho


130/55 mN – ISO 5628


1300 ml/min – Bendsten ISO 5636


220/220 ml/min – Bendsten ISO 8791

  • Multifunctional usage

    The premium paper is universally usable for laser printers, copiers, inkjet printers and faxes

  • FSC certified

    International certification system that ensures forest use in compliance with ecological and social standards

  • Relaxed CO₂ balance sheet

    From timber harvesting to delivery to the customer, the entire product chain is 100% climate-neutral

  • 1A look & feel

    High whiteness (162 CIE) with very pleasant surface smoothness for all-round convincing print results

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