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making print- and document management even smarter

Our proprietary software products were developed for your convenience. They are complimentary for Topcart Comfort customers. In collaboration with our partners we offer additional software solutions, making your print- and document management even smarter. The number of possible options is probably equal to the number of companies out there, with different combinations of requirements. To determine the best solution for your company, we get together with you, find out your wishes and current requirements and develop your customised offer based on your input. You are not exactly sure as to what you need? No problem! We will be happy to stop by and help you to determine which processes to simplify.

If you have already worked out your requirements or parameters and need additional software solutions, please contact us!

EXAMPLES for additional software solutions from our selection:


Manage documents digitally and simplify your work processes

Digitalisation of your documents and communications could greatly reduce and simplify your work processes. Such an endeavour poses a host of administrative problems, as digital documents and e-mails must be archived on digital storage in unalterable form.

Your documents must be easily retrievable. Document management (DMS) offers numerous versatile options to organise your documents efficiently and securely.

We will be happy to assist you in selecting the best solution for your purposes!


Protect your confidential documents and data

Follow-Me-Printing keeps sensible data and documents secure during the printing-process, as they only get printed upon authorisation by the user. Complete encryption protects the print-data within the entire network.

 RFID-cards, chip cards, finger print recognition or requirement of PIN, username and password are some possible choices of authorisation technology.

 Confidential documents will only be generated upon user-identification
 Printing on demand only increases sustainability


Save costs and resources with rule-based printing 

Determine who in your company gets to print what and at which location. Define rules to monitor your printing volume, printer wear, usage of consumable materials and thus your costs. You may opt for:

Monochrome printing in case of high print volume
Automatic duplex print in case of high print volume
Block printing in case of high print volume 


Flexibility, print anytime & anywhere

Mobile printing and -scanning are indispensable in the modern world of mobile working. Whether you need to print from your smartphone or tablet, or send documents to your mobile device via scanner, Topcart’s manufacturer-independent mobile printing solution does it all.

It features the entire scope of printing options users are accustomed to, from working at their desks – such as selection of monochrome or colour, finishing options and duplex printing.

Using smartphones & tablets with even more efficiency
Wireless printing & faxing

OCR – Optical Character Recognition

More efficiency for processing and management of scanned documents

OCR Software allows you to convert printed and/or already scanned documents into editable text-documents. It is also capable of recognizing and converting texts featured on digital pictures.

OCR simplifies the digitalisation- and archiving process of postal correspondence, contracts or invoices and similar documents. You can use its search function to search documents for certain key words. Of course it allows you to modify or amend the converted files.


Centralise your fax-traffic

With fax-sharing only one device gets a fax card, though it allows access for multiple users. Thus you simplify your IT structure and save hardware costs.

Some companies forego using devices with regular fax function and opt for multifunctional devices with integrated “fax to …” function, allowing users to send faxes directly to their desktops.

Interested? Please contact us! We will be happy to give you a manufacturer-independent consultation and create a customised offer for a MFP suited to your needs. Find out more

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