Software solutions

for print- & document management 

In addition to our in-house software products, which our customers receive free of charge as part of Topcart Comfort, we also offer a number of other software solutions in cooperation with our partners that make print and document management even smarter. There are probably as many possibilities and variants in this area as there are requirements in companies. In order to determine the best solution, we sit down with you, take your wishes and current conditions and develop your individual offer.

Do you already have specific requirements or specifications that make additional software solutions necessary? Great, talk to us!
You do not know exactly what you need? No problem!
In this case, we will be happy to visit you and show you which processes you could simplify.

Why software for printers & multifunctional devices?

Printing devices can print, scan, copy, fax.

But what if you need more?

Here we have a range of software solutions. They are like a modular system. We will select the right combination best suited to your needs from the numerous possibilities and offers available.

Insight & explanation of different software solutions for printers & multifunctional devices

Software for printers & MFPs

Authentication (Data security)

User identifies himself at the device (pin, card or user name + password)

= User-related

Cannot be manipulated or viewed by others

Various software available (free or charge)

Software for printers & MFPs

Secure print (Data security)

Printout only after entering pin

Only for certain printouts, device is generally “open“

Solution for fewer users

No software necessary – already integrated in the device / printer driver

Software for printers & MFPs

Pull Printing (Data security)

Pick up printouts from any device

Always user authentication required before printing

= Protected printing

Various products available (always server solution)

Software for printers & MFPs


(2 stands for „to“)

Scan is sent to a mail address

Mail address must be selected from the address book 
in the device or entered manually

Function already integrated in the device

Software for printers & MFPs


(2 stands for „to“)

Scan is sent to a document folder

Documents folder is located on server (set up by IT)

Access to folder from any user

Function already integrated in the device

Software for printers & MFPs


(2 stands for „to“)

Requirement: User authentication – see above

Scan is automatically sent to the mail address of the authenticated user

= High data security

= Connected to authentication, software required

Software for printers & MFPs


(2 stands for „to“)

Requirement: User authentication – see above

Scan is automatically sent to a folder assigned 
to the authenticated user

= High data security

= Connected to authentication, software required

Software for printers & MFPs

Authentication for Scan2My-solutions

(2 stands for „to“)

Scan2My-solutions require user authentication

Technology used is called RFID = Radio-Frequency IDentification

Transmitter-receiver system for automatic and contactless identification by radio waves

At printing devices e.g. with chip card or transponder which is assigned to a certain user

There are various card types & providers in this area

Software for printers & MFPs

Text Recognition (OCR)

OCR = Optical Character Recognition

Already printed or scanned documents are converted into editable text files

OCR facilitates digitisation and archiving of e.g. postal correspondence, contracts or invoices

Function partly already integrated in the device

Software for printers & MFPs

Scan Workflows

Additional software solutions to simplify the administration & further processing of the scans

Example: Contracts are automatically assigned by a number in the text and saved in the correct folder

Example: OCR reads a text or barcode at a certain point in the document and then automatically passes it on for further processing

Software for printers & MFPs

Contingent Management

Users get a certain number of prints / copies enabled

Prints / copies are made by the user using authentication on the device

Additional prints / copies can be purchased by the user

Interesting e.g. for universities, schools, hotels

Software for printers & MFPs

Printing Rules

Standard: Admin defines via printer driver which user is allowed to print (mono & color)

Extension with software = More precise rules

e.g. print & copy per user, A3 yes / no or by document type (like mails only monochrome)

= Full control over output management

Software for printers & MFPs

Reporting & Statistics

Printing devices give exact evaluations of usage / utilisation 

In-house software from Topcart – TC CARL generates evaluations per device

There are other solutions that provide even more detailed reports, e.g. per user or per cost centre (partially products with costs)

Software for printers & MFPs

User Administration

The user administration for printers can be done locally, online or in the existing directory (LDAP)

Local: User data are entered manually into the device

Online: All user are entered into the cloud

LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol):
Data from the existing internal user register can be read out from the device using software

LDAP = Convenient administration + control remains with Admin

User Administration in combination with Printing Rules provide various specification possibilities

e.g. Marketing may print color up to A3, Max Mustermann only monochrome up to A4

Software for printers & MFPs


License / Licensing = Latin “licet” (it is allowed) or “licentia” (permission)

Terms of use including costs for software

Software licenses for printers can be composed of different items

Note: Some licenses are limited in time!

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