Software solutions for print- and document management

In addition to our in-house software products, which our customers receive free of charge as part of Topcart Comfort, we also offer a number of other software solutions in cooperation with our partners that make print and document management even smarter.

There are probably as many possibilities and variants in this area as there are requirements in companies. In order to determine the best solution, we sit down with you, take your wishes and current circumstances into account and develop your individual offer!

Software solutions for printers & multifunctional devices (examples)


Device can only be used after successful authentication of the user

Pull Printing

Print can be picked up at any device with authentication

Printing Rules

Allocation of “print rights” on user level = full cost control over output management

Contingent Management

Enable a certain number of prints/copies for users who create them using authentication

Scan2Mail / Scan2Folder

Scan is sent to an e-mail address or a specified folder

Scan2MyMail / Scan2MyFolder

After authentication, the scan is sent to the user’s own e-mail address or folder

Scan Workflows

More efficient management and processing of scans

You need IT support for your printing devices? We help you!

Software solutions turn printing devices into clever office all-rounders

Most companies have far more than just two or three printers and multifunctional devices. To ensure that everything runs smoothly in day-to-day printer management, you need not only manpower, but also reliable software solutions and online tools.

This way you can simplify, expand and automate the most diverse aspects of your print and document management. For example, for better data security of your printed matter, automatic further processing of scans or evaluations and statistics of your devices. But such solutions also provide real support for simplifying day-to-day business, such as managing individual printers or for quickly reordering consumables.

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