“We want to empower our customers
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and money in measurable quantities.”

Wolf Mayer, General Manager of Topcart GmbH

Company founded in 1993

Headquarters in Wiesbaden

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What defines us

Market experience since 1993


Customised solutions,
personal service

In-house software development

Own data processing centre
(located in Germany)

We love what we do!

From a basement office to a specialist in print & document management

In a small basement office in 1993, Wolf Mayer founded Top-Schriftbild GmbH. Equipped with stacks of company addresses on paper, card index boxes and city maps, he wanted to offer customers a product in the field of “printing and copying” that went beyond what was available on the market. He was one of the first in this segment to sell toner cartridges to companies including a technical service and collection of empties (free of charge!). The expansion was not long in coming and real office space was quickly rented and additional employees were hired.

Soon we were able to offer our customers something new again: a high-quality high-performance toner cartridge compatible to various printer models. The new toners sometimes printed up to four times more than the original, of course with the same print quality. This was a real sensation in the offices of the 90s and was literally snatched up out of our hands!

True to the motto of our managing director Wolf Mayer “always deliver more than the customers expect”, we then developed our first all-inclusive concept in 2006 – at that time under the name “Topcart Classic Plus”. In addition to technical service, our customers also received all necessary spare parts completely free of charge. This was completely innovative at that time and was accepted with incredulous enthusiasm.

Over the years, the various manufacturers produced more and more printing devices – in the end, there was a suitable device for every company requirement. Monochrome or colour, A4 or A3, with copy and/or scan function, increased page yield and so on. For many of our customers and new contacts, however, the wide range became a major source of confusion, especially addressing the topic of new purchases. “Which printer is most suited to our needs?” was a frequently asked question. 

Since we were now on the road covering all of Germany and some parts of Europe, we obviously encountered a wide variety of devices from different manufacturers in different sectors, be it in consulting or in technical service. Because from day one we were manufacturer-independent, from the onset, this produced no problem for us. We accumulated extensive expertise over the years. 

In order to be able to make full use of this expertise at any time, we had to rethink internally and develop something new. We created TC Rating – our own unique rating system for printers and multifunctional devices. For years, we have been collecting (and still do) all data and information on all printing devices on a daily basis, evaluating them according to specific criteria. This enables us to give you expert advice on which devices really are the best on the market! Read more about TC Rating here.

In the meantime, our all-inclusive concept had also evolved. Today, under the name Topcart Comfort, our customers receive a comprehensive all-inclusive package for their output management with a functional guarantee for their device landscape. Since we really are a “all-in-one supplier”, they hardly need to take care of anything in this area themselves. With Topcart Comfort you save time and money! Find out more here.

With the more extensive range of devices and the growing requirements of our customers, we have also encountered the topic of “digitalisation” more and more in our industry over time. In the meantime, software solutions in the area of print and document management are not only versatile and broadly positioned, but also indispensable. That’s why we have established new departments and restructured ourselves several years ago, e.g. with an in-house development department which, among other things, programmed our printer management tool TC CARL – and is, of course, constantly developing it further.

But we are also much more broadly positioned in other areas – especially compared to the early days. In the meantime, we not only have a Europe-wide network of consultants and technicians, but also special departments for the various customer needs in our industry. Whether it is our internal team that coordinates and handles everything related to technical service, the personal contact persons of our customers for any enquiries or our specialists in the departments “Product Consulting” or “Rollout & Leasing”, who are constantly in discussion with our customers, accompany the most diverse projects and find new ideas and flexible solutions to achieve the set goals & targets. Thus, ensuring a comprehensive work relationship with our customers providing the best support and advice.

Today, we not only proudly reflect on our development after almost 30 years, but continue to focus not the future. As in the early days, we are always in contact with our customers, listen attentively and continue to develop with and for our customers, so that we can always offer the best solutions and products that are really needed by companies covering a wide range of industries.

From small label printers to multifunctional devices to high-pagination production machines, including all the necessary consumables, services, software solutions and project support.

Your requirements are our offer!

What we achieve with our All-Inclusive-Concept for your company:

Full serviced
print & document management
Long-term optimisation & standardisation
of your entire printing device fleet
Time savings through automation, more efficient
work processes & tasks outsourced to Topcart
Cost savings
of 20 to 30 %

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