IT-Support for your printing devices

We support you with numerous IT tasks!



Network setup

Driver installation

Print settings

Special print jobs

Scan 2 functions

Customise workflows

Implement software 


Don’t worry, we’ll take care of it!

In the printing sector, there are numerous IT tasks that present some of our customers with challenges that they are unable to overcome in-house. Sometimes they lack the manpower, sometimes the necessary know-how to get the new hardware and/or software up and running so that everything functions according to their own requirements. But don’t worry, we are happy to support you in this area as well!

Our team of professionals can look back on decades of combined experience and is constantly undergoing further training. So no topic, no task and no constellation is foreign to us. With our professional service – tailored to your circumstances and needs – we will get everything up and running for you.

Whether it’s setting up the network for your entire device fleet or several specific tasks such as creating different print jobs (letter paper, labels or from SAP applications), establishing new scan functions or just a concise consultation on which solution would be best for your company. We are there for you!


    We come to you and, after appropriate preparation, take care of everything directly on-site


    We guide you by phone or execute everything via Teamviewer until every step is up and running

  • Analysis & Consultation

    We find out what you really need and recommend the best solutions for your circumstances

  • Installation

    We install your new devices, new applications or new programmes for you and get everything up and running

  • Setup

    We set up your hardware and software exactly to your needs and ensure that all processes work according to your requirements

Take advantage of our IT support, as these customers for example already did:

We received very professional help. What we couldn’t get to work on our own was corrected within a very short time and now we can use our printers as we wanted.

Unfortunately, we had increasing problems with our previous provider, especially when printing from our SAP application. Topcart’s IT support analysed all the processes, discovered the errors and fixed them. We can finally print from all places and with all devices without any problems.

Our contact at Topcart referred us to the internal specialist department when it came to implementing our new devices in our network. This was done in an exemplary manner. Also our special print settings were taken over and even improved. That was a super service!

After a switch to fewer but larger multifunctional devices, we needed support for our scanning workflows. We got the right offer and not only were the new devices set up, but all the technical functions were also brought up and running. Everything went flawlessly. Thank you very much!

We look forward to meet you!

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