Setting goals together,
reaching goals together

As a premium service provider for print & software solutions, we always want to offer our customers the best solutions. Of course, we can only do this if we are also a premium team.

At the beginning of their employment with Topcart, our account managers receive in-depth and professional training on our products and solutions, including intensive support during the first months of sales until they become true professionals. In this way, we guarantee not only the success of Topcart, but also the success of each individual account manager. With the right objectives, all our knowledge from 30 years of experience and a lot of diligence, every account manager can grow beyond himself with us and earn a lot of money in the process.

In general, we want every single person in the Topcart team to be happy, to enjoy coming to work and to be fully behind their tasks and the entire team. In this way, we not only achieve our own goals and those of Topcart as a whole, but our customers also benefit. The greatest things can come from a real team – as our unique Topcart Comfort success concept proves every day with thousands of customers!

„Topcart’s goal is to create a secure, long-term, highly successful existence for Topcart as a company and for all its team members. It takes every Topcart team member striving for excellence in achieving their products, to make a thriving, blossoming and expanding group, to reach its goals, and for each individual to realize their goals.”

Working with feel-good-guarantee. At Topcart our employees are experiencing:

Fun with a
dynamic team

Excellent products
of high value & quality

Diversity of tasks
and responsibilities

Room for
own ideas

work culture

Opportunities for
personal development

oriented pay

A never-ending supply
of coffee, tea & water

Quotes from the Topcart team:

Great work atmosphere, appealing and interesting tasks. A variety of projects, allowing for creativity, exploring new skills and personal development.

We work together and support each other in a strong, dynamic team.

Great and open communication with colleagues and seniors alike. Changes get discussed with the team, everyone’s ideas are welcome, good work gets recognised.

Great camaraderie and mutual support among colleagues. Everyone is given the responsibility of creating one’s own job. Our handful of executives are young (at heart) and lack the usual conservatism commonly found in the field.

Seniors always have a very kind and disciplined demeanor, use a solution-oriented approach and have an open mind for new ideas.

Very likeable colleagues and a great company.

Great colleagues, awesome team spirit, diverse scope of tasks. In case of problems, there is always the right person to listen and assist in finding solutions. We are given lots of opportunities for personal development.

Colleagues and executives are always ready to assist with any questions one may have.

We look forward to meet you!

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