Our All-Inclusive-Concept for your printer fleet:

We work with your current device landscape!

Transfer of your devices to our full service incl. functional guarantee:

=  Familiar device landscape

=  It can start immediately

=  No acquisition costs

All services & benefits with Topcart Comfort

Technical Service


Printer Management


All Parts


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Replacement Devices


= Consumable based billing

What we achieve with Topcart Comfort for your company

Full serviced
print & document management
Long-term optimisation & standardisation
of your entire printing device fleet
Time savings through automation, more efficient
work processes & tasks outsourced to Topcart
Cost savings
of 20 to 30 %

Full serviced print & document management:


 Technical Service incl. all Parts

 Printers & Multifunctional Devices

 Printer Management

 Software Solutions

All services & benefits of Topcart Comfort in detail

Technical Service with Topcart Comfort

Topcart Comfort comes with complimentary technical service for your printers and multifunctional devices. Our network of experienced technicians is available to you throughout Germany and Europe, ensuring swift and reliable onsite support in matters of device-related needs or problems. Technician travel times and service fees are free of charge, regardless of the number of service calls required!

Thus, you never have to deal with device maintenance or service again, as you are actually outsourcing these matters to us!

All Parts (replacement, spare, maintenance) with Topcart Comfort

No matter what the malfunction, we get your device back up and running again. That includes replacement of defective parts, wear or maintenance parts, such as paper feed rollers, drum kits, fuser kits, maintenance kits, network cards, etc. Topcart Comfort allows you to leave matters in our hands, as we will provide the required parts as well as our technicians completely free of charge.

In case a repair is no longer cost-effective or impossible for reason of discontinued spare parts, we will replace the defective device with a complimentary new device. 

By the way: TC CARL, our digital platform for printer-management, features predictive and automated ordering of required parts. Therefore you will never have unexpected device downtimes again. 

Replacement Devices with Topcart Comfort

In case a repair is no longer possible or cost-effective, we replace defective printers or multifunctional devices with your choice of a new device of equal value. Ownership is transferred to your company upon delivery.

We therefore achieve a continuous optimisation of your device environment and you will never have to invest in any new devices again!

Our device recommendations are based on TC Rating, our manufacturer-independent device rating system for printers and multifunctional devices, in regards to their efficiency, price/performance ratio, user-friendliness and sustainability.

Printer Management with Topcart Comfort

Within the scope of Topcart Comfort we provide complimentary use of TC CARL – our manufacturer-independent digital management platform for your printers and multifunctional devices. It constitutes the basis for a smart, virtually self-monitoring device environment. 

TC CARL features a detailed device summary, including fill levels and device information, creates statistics, such as usage or capacity utilisation and facilitates customised list-management of your devices, to name just a few of its many capabilities.

TC CARL displays malfunction notifications and places orders for replacement- and wear parts on a predictive basis, before your devices become inoperative. Should repairs be necessary, technician requests are placed automatically.

TC CARL reports cartridge fill levels, as soon as these reach certain minimum levels, based on the preferences you have created in your settings. I also gives you an option to select automated ordering of required consumable materials.

Online Portal with Topcart Comfort

Topcart Comfort gives you personal access to Topcart24, our digital platform for all Topcart services. In Topcart24 you can quickly and easily take care of all your concerns and administrative activities, for example:

  • Ordering consumable materials
  • Order tracking
  • Placing service requests
  • Requesting pickup of empties or collection containers
  • User administration, featuring branch office structure
  • and much more!

20 – 30 % cost savings with Topcart Comfort

With our Topcart Comfort All-Inclusive-Concept you achieve average cost savings of 20 – 30 %. Not to mention the time you are saving with the multitude of services and support we provide. 

We have created a simple and transparent billing model for you. It is based on your usage of consumable materials. That means you only pay for what you actually bring to paper, and not for some inaccurate page price or similar concepts. There are no minimum order amounts, no flat fees and no subsequent billing. It makes your budget planning very predictable!

Topcart Comfort can be realised on an immediate basis, regardless of number, age or printing volume of your current device environment.

What our customers say about Topcart Comfort

„All repair- and service-parts are free of charge, no technician- or service call fees and on top of that, complimentary successor devices – from our viewpoint that is superior to any manufacturer’s warranty!”

Scholz Maschinenbau KG

„As the price really includes everything, we have zero subsequent fees or hidden costs, for service calls or technicians. I have not found any other company to offer the level of service we are receiving from Topcart.”

Amadeus FiRe GmbH

„We are very glad you found your way to our doorstep and have given us an opportunity to receive these outstanding services.

Möllers GmbH & Co. Mechanical Engineering Company

We look forward to meet you!

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