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Data protection at Topcart

Daily business at Topcart includes handling of personal data. Data security is very important to us. We take special precautions for their protection. As laid out in the pertaining European data protection laws, data reduction and data economy are the best protection. Though we cannot forego all data collection or -usage.  Flawless customer-oriented processes and services are most effective when data driven and based on a data pool. 

Effective data protection requires high level IT-security. To achieve this level, Topcart employs very specialized technical and administrative measures and procedures.

For maximum  IT- and data security, we have implemented extensive measures, including our own, specially developed software solutions. With data security as an utmost priority, we process data exclusively as advised by our customers.

Therefore we want to inform our customers, that we process orders in compliance with European data protection law. 

When Topcart customers are using “Software as a service” (SaaS) web applications for printer-management provided on one of our servers, they authorise Topcart to collect, process and use personal data. Thus under European data protection law, Topcart becomes active as data processor for the customer. As we already mentioned, Topcart processes customer data exclusively as advised and appropriated by its customers.

For your convenience Topcart provides a complimentary, non obligatory order processing agreement. It is available for download via personal login at Topcart24, or upon request from our data protection officer (see contact below). We kindly ask customers to sign two copies of the order processing agreement and submit these to us. 

Read our data protection policy here:
Contact data protection officer Topcart GmbH

In case you have any questions concerning the subject of data protection, please contact our data protection officer, Mr. Hör, at dataprotection@topcart.com

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