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The unique All-Inclusive-Concept for your printer fleet

u·nique (adjective)
having no like or equal; unparalleled [french < latin unicus, single < unus, one] (from Webster‘s New World Dictionary)

As already mentioned at the beginning, we have been active on the market since 1993. During this time, we have not only kept an eye on the entire range of products and the regular changes in our industry, we have also always had an open ear for our customers. 

It has always been a main focus of Topcart to meet the needs of our customers to the fullest. 

We‘ve always aimed to go the extra mile and thats why our Topcart Comfort All-Inclusive-Concept is so unique! 

Here is a brief summary of what you can expect:

Consumable-based billing
Takeover of your existing devices
= No acquisition costs
No minimum-order-values, no flat rates,
no subsequent billing – guaranteed!

Basis for our All-Inclusive-Concept Topcart Comfort

It is a fact that not all offers in print & document management are perfectly suited to a company’s requirements in a given situation. Some concepts require the customer to purchase complete new devices from only one manufacturer in order to have a uniform printer landscape. Other concepts can only be implemented for just one part of the existing devices as the provider is only able to service certain manufacturers.

With Topcart Comfort you can start immediately. No matter whether you lease or rent your printers, whether you want to purchase new devices or prefer not to change anything at all.  

We are a fan of simple solutions and always strive to offer our customers all the advantages of our unique all-inclusive concept as fast as possible. That’s why we approach every situation with open arms – just like we say: the simplest way!


You are leasing the printer-fleet 


Devices are rented


Purchase of a new printer fleet 


We work with your existing device fleet!

Familiar device landscape

It can start right away

No acquisition costs

The Topcart Comfort All-Inclusive-Concept in detail:

Technical service

You will never have to worry about device repairs or maintenance ever again, nor hire and pay someone to do these for you

Online portal Topcart24

Handle all service concerns simply and swiftly and get access to all Topcart services

All replacement-, wear- & maintenance-parts

Start saving all costs for any required replacement-, wear- and maintenance parts from here on out

Printer management with TC CARL

Monitor and manage your entire device fleet conveniently from your desk

Replacement devices

A functional, as good as new and continually optimised device-environment without any investment costs

20 – 30 % cost savings

With Topcart you save time with the use of our tools and services, and actual costs of 20 to 30 %

What we achieve with Topcart Comfort for your company:


print- & document management


and standardisation of your entire printing-device fleet


no maintenance and administration required on your part


through optimised work processes and task-outsourcing to Topcart


of time consuming administrative tasks


of 20 to 30 %

What our customers say about Topcart Comfort

“All repair- and service-parts are free of charge, no technician- or service call fees and on top of that, complimentary successor devices – from our viewpoint that is superior to any manufacturer’s warranty!”

Scholz Mechanical Engineering KG

“As the price really includes everything, we have zero subsequent fees or hidden costs, like for service calls or technicians. I have not found any other company to offer the level of service we are receiving from Topcart.”

Amadeus FiRe GmbH

”We are very glad you found your way to our doorstep and have given us an opportunity to receive these outstanding services.”

Möllers GmbH & Co. Mechanical Engineering Company

We look forward to meet you!

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