Simple printer management with TC CARL as part of Topcart Comfort

Within the scope of Topcart Comfort we provide complimentary use of TC CARL – our manufacturer-independent digital management platform for your printers and multifunctional devices. It constitutes the basis for a smart, virtually self-monitoring device-environment. 

TC CARL features a detailed device-summary, including fill-levels and device-information, creates statistics, such as usage or capacity utilisation and facilitates customised list-management of your devices, to name just a few of its many capabilities.

TC CARL displays malfunction notifications and places orders for replacement- and wear parts on a predictive basis, before your devices become inoperative. In case repairs are necessary, it places technician requests. You have an option to select automated placement of requests.

TC CARL reports cartridge fill-levels, as soon as these reach certain minimum levels, based on the preferences you have created in your settings. I also gives you an option to select automated ordering of required consumable materials.

Additional features of our Topcart Comfort All-Inclusive-Concept:

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