Easy printer management with TC CARL

One control centre for all processes and printer information

CARL is an acronym for Control, Analyze, Recognise, Level-up

Regardless which manufacturer, brand, model or number of devices, our ingeniously simple printer-management software TC CARL displays all relevant data concerning your printers and multifunctional devices at one control centre. Accessible anytime, anywhere from any kind of device. This is the way to effectively reduce complex administrative efforts, reduce costs and continually optimise your device-environment.

Delegate your printer-management to TC CARL and keep track of all relevant data at a glance!

Detailed device summary

Simply structured display of fill-levels, device information including automated malfunction notifications sorted by priority, and many more

Placing orders & technician requests

Predictive ordering of consumable materials and simple placement of technician requests (depending on your preferences also automated)

Statistics & reports

Individual statistics and reports for each device, for example consumption or capacity utilisation

TC CARL: Printer management really simplified!

Clear display of fill-levels and page numbers

Automated error messages sorted by priority

Statistics and reports, e.g. for consumable materials or capacity utilisation

Predictive ordering of consumable materials (also automated)

On-time technician request (also automated)

TLS encoded data transfer

Redundant data processing centre located in Germany

Always on the safe side with TC CARL

TLS-encryption guarantees data protection
Increased data security due to no collection of critical data
Redundant data processing center safeguards system stability
More about our data protection measures

Trade publication

“IT-Administrator” magazine tested TC CARL
and gave him an excellent rating! (german)

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