TC Rating: Manufacturer-independent rating of printing-devices


Based on our experiences since 1993, we have developed an unparalleled device rating system for printers and multi-functional devices – TC Rating. We are the first and only provider on the market to analyse all printing-devices in terms of:

  Economic efficiency            Price / performance ratio            User-friendliness            Sustainability
Onsite data from our technicians

We collect all relevant data from onsite service calls from our technicians on a daily basis: 

  • What is the problem at hand?
  • Which kind of repair is required?
  • Is a repair economically efficient?
  • Or should the device be replaced at once?
Digital records & evaluations

All relevant information gets recorded in our digital database. Our specially developed TC Rating software continually compares, analyses and evaluates device-related data for each and every device in terms of the evaluation criteria listed above.

The result

As a result, we are able to make recommendations based on the TC Rating evaluation, to ensure the selected devices really work flawlessly with high-level economic efficiency, while best suited for your needs!

Manufacturer-independent & unbiased – we always find the device best suited for your needs!

How may we help you?

Our manufacturer-independent approach allows us to offer you a customised selection for creating an ideal device-environment based on your specific needs and requirements. Here are some feature options: 

  • Duplex printing and -scanning
  • Additional paper trays
  • Minimum speed of 30 pages per minute
  • Follow-Me-Print etc.
Devices at zero costs?!

Topcart Comfort-customers automatically and continually optimise their printer fleets by receiving free replacement-devices in case repairs of existing devices turn out to be economically inefficient!


In combination with intelligent software solutions your printing-devices turn into true office wizards!

We look forward to meet you!

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